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Construction Defect Claims, and New Construction and Repair Contract Enforcement for Owners

A Premier Florida Construction Law Firm

When it comes to construction, countless things can go wrong at any stage of the process. This is especially true in complex projects. Success may hinge on numerous parties all doing their jobs well (and on time). Shortcuts, oversights, and mistakes can not only ratchet up the costs but also derail the entire project and cause headaches down the road.

Fortunately, it is possible to mitigate risks — and the costs associated with them — by taking proper legal precautions. Knowledgeable legal counsel is crucial for avoiding unnecessary expenses. Likewise, when disputes do arise, it’s critical to protect your rights by enlisting an experienced legal team.

What We Offer: A Unique Wealth Of Experience And Knowledge

At Tannenbaum Scro, a premier construction law firm in central and southwest Florida, we have decades of experience in this niche field. Our legal team includes board-certified specialists in construction and real estate law, and one of our attorneys has a background in civil engineering and construction management.

We have successfully resolved high-stakes disputes and secured multimillion-dollar results for clients. You can count on our lawyers to bring that same degree of determination to your case.

Guidance On Construction Defects

Construction defect claims are a major focus of our construction law practice. We assist community associations and association managers with:

We advise owners and associations on how best to approach large-scale construction projects, including negotiating and drafting solid contracts. We also provide ongoing guidance and help enforce contracts as the work is underway.

Who We Work With

Our attorneys primarily represent condominium owners associations (COAs), homeowners associations (HOAs) and groups of homeowners who have been wronged by builders who don’t fulfill their obligations. We understand the challenges involved in construction issues that impact a large number of owners.

We also provide representation for commercial, industrial and multifamily property owners as well as city and county government entities.

What We Handle

At Tannenbaum Scro, you will find trusted legal allies with the ability to resolve a wide range of construction-related issues, including:

  • Construction defects and deficiencies, whether in new construction, condominium conversions or renovations
  • Warranty claims
  • Builder defaults
  • Subcontractor and supplier defaults
  • Design and construction negligence
  • Change orders and delay claims
  • Manufacturing defects, including Chinese drywall
  • Pay disputes
  • Subcontractor and supplier disputes
  • Construction contract drafting and review
  • Construction contract disputes
  • Bidding and public contracting
  • Retainage arrangements and disputes

You can rely on our team for guidance at any stage of a project, from contract drafting and negotiation to post-construction defect disputes. We will do everything possible to find the most effective resolution to your construction law matter.

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To schedule a free initial consultation, please call 941-444-9092 or toll-free at 866-615-4543. We offer convenient office locations in Sarasota, St. Petersburg and Orlando, and our team handles construction cases throughout the southwest and central Florida.