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Mitigating The High Costs of Construction Defects

Construction defects can cost a fortune. They may require extensive repairs or remediation, which can be costly. They may interfere with your ability to use, maintain and enjoy the property. When you’re confronting these defects — or potential defects — it’s critical to enlist a legal team with experience in this niche area of Florida law.

A Proven Record Of Success In High-Stakes Cases

We at Tannenbaum Scro understand the many complexities of construction defect cases. Our lawyers have decades of experience navigating these tricky issues. Additionally, our lead attorney in this area is certified in construction law through the Florida Board of Legal Specialization, and another partner at the firm has a strong background in civil engineering.

We have the knowledge, experience, and credentials to help you pursue the right strategy for your situation. As a premier construction law firm in central and southwest Florida, we have obtained multimillion-dollar results in large-scale construction defect cases. We know how to handle these claims efficiently and effectively.

Our Area Of Focus: Community Associations And Association Managers Facing Construction Defects

Community associations such as condominium owners associations (COAs) and homeowners associations (HOAs) have a responsibility to identify and pursue construction defect claims – particularly during the turnover process. These defects might affect any aspect of the property under their purview, from private road deficiencies in a single-family residential community to structural problems with a condominium complex.

Our firm has a wealth of experience representing associations (and association managers) in all aspects of construction defect claims. We can help you address issues such as:

  • Water intrusion (including insufficient drainage and mold)
  • Plumbing, electrical and HVAC problems
  • Problems arising from subpar materials
  • Structural deficiencies
  • Design issues
  • Soil deficiencies and site problems
  • And any other type of defect

Whether the defect arose from new construction, a renovation/repair project or a condominium conversion, our attorneys have worked on these issues extensively.

Read more about how we approach these claims with strategies geared toward success.

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