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Hidden Water Intrusion Causing Damage to Support Columns
Defective Insulation Causing Toxic Mold Growth
Damage from Water Intrusion Behind Stucco
Destructive Testing Reveals Significant Damage From Defective Flashings
Testing Reveals Rotted Framing Behind Stucco

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For 25 years, Tannenbaum Scro Lemole & Kleinberg has stood with owners (homeowners, community associations, governmental entities, hotel operators, and commercial industrial interests) facing construction defects, contractor defaults and claims, and major repair efforts.

Whether it’s construction and design claims, community association turnover disputes, contractor default and claims resolution, or new construction, renovation or repair consulting, the lawyers of Tannenbaum Scro Lemole & Kleinberg are your go-to advocates for resolving your issues with developers, design professionals and construction contractors.


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Tannenbaum Scro lawyers are savvy in real estate and construction practices, and provide personal care in keeping with the best interests of you, the client.

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